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Sorry, Chrome can't run this app

You are using a version of Chrome that does not currently support the Unity Web Player plugin needed to run this app.
We recommend using another browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera.
Alternatively, you can enable NPAPI plugins at chrome://flags/#enable-npapi (requires browser relaunch).
If you enabled the NPAPI flag and the plugin still does not work for you, try manual install.

The well-known series chronicles Yoda can play this game.

Lego Star Wars: Yoda Chronicles

The well-known series chronicles Yoda can play this game.
The task is to select a character, which can be a Jedi Knight and a Sith the dark side, where the starting point of the combat units, the pop destroy enemies. But do not just give money to the soldiers, but the destruction of various objects. Lego got the money for the additional work fighting robots you can buy the antennas question.

The units in the game use the mouse to be sent to the selected location. Targets can also use the mouse to mark.

Enjoy the game!

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